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Extract archive file online

How to extract archive files online


Select file

Drag and drop an archive file or click "Browse device" to select a file to extract.


Explore file

Use the file browser to see and explore the content of the archive file.


Extract files

Click the files that you want to extract and the files will be automatically downloaded.

Extract archive files

This tool allows you to extract archive files in your browser without having to install any software on your computer.

Safe and secure

When using this tool, no files will be uploaded to our servers. All your files are processed in the browser and will thus remain private.

Fast and easy

Since no files will have to be uploaded to a server. The extracting can be done instantly without having to wait for your files to upload or download.

Supported formats

7Z7-Zip Compressed File7Z Extractor
APKAndroid Package FileAPK Extractor
CABWindows Cabinet FileCAB Extractor
CBRComic Book RAR ArchiveCBR Extractor
CBZComic Book Zip ArchiveCBZ Extractor
CPIOCopy In, Copy Out ArchiveCPIO Extractor
DEBDebian Software PackageDEB Extractor
EARJava Enterprise Archive FileEAR Extractor
JARJava Archive FileJAR Extractor
LHALHARC Compressed ArchiveLHA Extractor
OSKosu! Skin FileOSK Extractor
OSZosu! Beatmap FileOSZ Extractor
RARWinRAR Compressed ArchiveRAR Extractor
TARTarball FileTAR Extractor
TAR.BZ2Tarball File with Bzip2 CompressionTAR.BZ2 Extractor
TAR.GZTarball File with Gzip CompressionTAR.GZ Extractor
TAR.LZTarball File with Lzip CompressionTAR.LZ Extractor
TAR.LZMATarball File with LZMA CompressionTAR.LZMA Extractor
TAR.XZTarball File with XZ CompressionTAR.XZ Extractor
TAR.ZZipped Tarball FileTAR.Z Extractor
TBZ2Tarball File with Bzip2 CompressionTBZ2 Extractor
TLZTarball File with Lzip CompressionTLZ Extractor
TLZMATarball File with LZMA CompressionTLZMA Extractor
TGZTarball File with Gzip CompressionTGZ Extractor
TXZTarball File with XZ CompressionTXZ Extractor
WARJava Web ArchiveWAR Extractor
ZIPZipped FileZIP Extractor
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