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Create ZIP file online

How to create ZIP files online


Select files

Select files and/or folders that you want to add to your ZIP file. You can also drag and drop files.


Select settings

Select the compression level of the ZIP file and, optionally, a password to protect the ZIP file.


Save the ZIP file

Click "Save ZIP file" to create the ZIP file. When the ZIP file is ready, it will automatically be downloaded.

Create ZIP files

This tool allows you to create ZIP files in your browser without having to install any software on your computer.

Safe and secure

When using this tool, no files will be uploaded to our servers. All your files are processed in the browser and will thus remain private.

Fast and easy

Since no files will have to be uploaded to a server. The compression can be done instantly without having to wait for your files to upload or download.

Compression level

The compression level can be selected from a scale of 0 to 9 where 0 will result in fast processing but a larger file, and 9 will result in slow processing but a smaller file.

Encryption support

This tool allows you to encrypt and password protect sensitive files. Miliary-grade encryption will be used to keep your files secure.

Available anywhere

Most modern browsers are supported which means that you can use this tool to create zip files on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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